The set of ordered pairs in the mapping below can be described as which of the following? x----y0 - 83 - 26 - -1(1) a relation only(2) a function only(3) both a relation and a function(4) neither a relation nor a function

Accepted Solution

Answer:"(3)"Step-by-step explanation:Relation is a mapping between x-values and y-values. Xs are the domain and Ys are the range.Given x values (0,3,6) and y-values(8, 2, -1), this is a relationship, so it is a relation.To check whether a relation is a function or not, we simply see if each unique x value is paired with a unique y value.Is there any y value that is same for x-values? NO! All are different. So this is a function as well!Answer choice (3) is right.