Can anyone help me solve this please?

Accepted Solution

Answer:The linear equations for the given Rectangle are[tex]y = 4x +4[/tex][tex]y = 6x - 6[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:Given:area given by 'y' For figure 1,[tex]Length  = x +1\\Breadth = 4\\\textrm{Area of Rectangle} = Length\times Breadth\\y= (x+1)\times 4\\y= 4x + 4[/tex]For figure 2,[tex]Length  = 2x -2\\Breadth = 3\\\textrm{Area of Rectangle} = Length\times Breadth\\y= (2x-2)\times 3\\y= 6x - 6[/tex]Now we will plot the these two line on DESMOS so, we will have the intersection of these two line.So, the intersection points are (5,24) that is x coordinate '5' and y coordinate '24'.∴ [tex]x=5\ and\ y=24[/tex]For figure 1,∴ [tex]Length =x+1\\=5+1\\=6\ unit\\Area=4x + 4\\=4\times5 +4\\=24\textrm{ square units}[/tex]For figure 2,∴ [tex]Length =2x-2\\=2\times5-2\\=8\ unit\\Area=6x - 6\\=6\times5 -6\\=24\textrm{ square units}[/tex]