A survey was done to determine the effect of students changing answers while taking a​ multiple-choice test on which there is only one correct answer for each question. Some students erase their initial choice and replace it with another. It turned out that 65​% of the changes were from incorrect answers to correct and that 29​% were from correct to incorrect. What percent of changes were from incorrect to​ incorrect?

Accepted Solution

Answer:22%Step-by-step explanation:In the event of changing a test answer there are three possible outcomes, which should add up to 100%: changing from incorrect to correct (51%),  changing from correct to incorrect (27%) and  changing from incorrect to incorrect (X). Therefore, the percent of changes from incorrect to​ incorrect was:[tex]100\% = 51\%+27\%+X\\X= 22\%[/tex]22% of the changes were  from incorrect to​ incorrect.